Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin

When I saw this book listed on NetGalley (a site that offers digital review copies to book reviewers, book sellers, educators, librarians and the like), I had been in a wanderlust type of mood. I fell in love with the description of this memoir about two people who rekindle their romance later in life and also discover their shared passion for travel. As Lynne Martin approaches her seventieth birthday and feels restless as the milestone approaches, she suggests to Tim she would like to expand their travels to a global level. He wholeheartedly agrees so they sell their house, put what they don’t sell into storage, and start a international adventure with only their computers and rolling duffle bags.

Lynne and Tim Martin set off for Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, France, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Morocco and Portugal, and take their readers along for the ride. Lynne’s writing is engaging, witty, and insightful as she describes each adventure through painful lessons as well as unexpected delights. She places her readers in the middle of the action through her descriptive narrative, creating such vivid imagery that you can’t help but smell the baguettes in Paris, the hot sun in Tuscany, and the damp chill in Ireland.

Another intriguing part of the memoir is how the memoir began its own journey to publication. When Lynne and Tim started their international travels, Lynne decided to start a blog so friends and family could check in and see what they were up to. After encouragement by another writer, Lynne wrote a travel article that was published in the online version of the Wall Street Journal and her blog exploded with new readers. Their unique combination of advanced age and adventurous spirit offered something new to the 70+ age group and many began reaching out, asking them all kinds of questions, offering thanks for the inspiration, and encouraging them to keep sharing their adventures.

Lynne pushed harder to finish her book proposal and soon began writing more diligently, crafting chapters that would eventually become this memoir. For me, this entire book was an inspiration. Life isn’t a script handed to us. Lynne’s book proved that we write the script and that we can make it say whatever we want, whenever we want, and however we want. This book will make you want to pick up your pen–and duffle bags!–and start writing your own unique path to life.

Release date is April 15th and I hope you take the opportunity to read it!



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