Today at Great New Books, we have the pleasure of hosting guest contributor Ann Lewis Hamilton, author of the novel EXPECTING. Expecting by Ann Lewis Hamilton

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Author Ann Lewis Hamilton, on one of her recent favorite books:

The Ghost of Mary Celeste by Valerie Martin


I have a terrible confession. I am a great book cheater. Sometimes I flip to the end to see what will happen – will my favorite character be killed? Will the lovers be reunited? So for me, I know a book is special when I don’t cheat, when I become so caught up in the world and the characters and the journey that I never want the book to end.

The Ghost of the Mary Celeste is a novel based on a real mystery. In 1872, a merchant ship, the Mary Celeste, was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal. A lifeboat was missing, but there was no sign of the crew or passengers. No one was ever sure what happened.   Was there a mutiny? Was the ship attacked by pirates? Arthur Conan Doyle wrote an anonymous account of the mystery in 1884, presented as fact, but heavily fictionalized. The Ghost of Mary Celeste by Valerie Martin

Valerie Martin has taken the legend of the Mary Celeste and written a novel that weaves together several stories. She follows the captain of the Mary Celeste and his family. We meet Arthur Conan Doyle on board another ship traveling to Africa in 1881. There are also Violet Petra, a spiritualist, and Phoebe Grant, a journalist who is doubtful of Violet’s abilities. How Valerie Martin is able to bring these stories together in such a compelling fashion may be the biggest mystery of all. I don’t want to go into more detail because I would hate to spoil the surprises for the reader.

Her prose makes me swoon – I found myself reading a sentence again and again, just to savor it. Even though I spent a lot of time re-reading, I still finished the book quickly because I couldn’t put it down. What a pleasure to learn about the spiritualist movement in the 19th century, as well as life at sea, and pre-Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle, all written in dreamy, luscious language. Even as I write this I’m tempted to pick up the book again. And with The Ghost of the Mary Celeste, I did not cheat.   No flipping to the end, not this time.


Ann Lewis Hamilton has written for film and television. Her first novel Expecting will be released in July 2014.Ann Lewis Hamilton’s television credits include Grey’s Anatomy, Stephen King’s Dead Zone, and thirtysomething, among others. She co-edits a small online literary magazine, Hot Valley Writers, and writes a blog, Book Club for One.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time as a amateur astronaut. (Not really, but she has seen Gravity three times and would consider being an astronaut if she got to meet George Clooney.)


More about EXPECTING by Ann Lewis Hamilton:

A mom, a dad, a baby…and another dad.

Laurie and Alan are expecting, again. After two miscarriages, Laurie was afraid they’d never be able to have a child. Now she’s cautiously optimistic — the fertility treatment worked, and things seem to be different this time around. But she doesn’t yet know how different.

Jack can’t seem to catch a break — his parents are on his case about graduating from college, he’s somehow dating two girls at once, and he has to find a way to pay back the money he borrowed from his fraternity’s party fund. The only jobs he is qualified for barely pay enough to keep him in beer money, but an ad for the local sperm bank gives Jack an idea.

Laurie and Alan’s joy is shattered when their doctor reveals that Laurie was accidentally impregnated by sperm from a donor rather than her husband. Who is Donor 296. And how will their family change now that Donor 296 is inarguably part of it?


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