At Great New Books, we believe books make a difference and open doors to a better world. As a team, we pride ourselves on featuring books that one of us simply could not put down, and books that spoke to one of us on a deep level. Similarly, the authors we feature as guest posters are writers we’ve read and admire.

We are a recommendation site, not a review site. We only post one recommendation a week so each of us has time to find a book that we feel truly excited to share with our readers. We hear about the books we share the same way any reader does: word of mouth, social media and bookseller recommendations.

We regret we are not able to accept manuscripts or requests to review books, but consider it an honor that you would think of us. And though we cannot respond personally to each request we receive, we look forward to interacting with you here at our site to talk about great books.

Thank you for joining us here in support of reading and literature,

The Great New Books team

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