The Ice Twins by S.K. TremayneThe Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

I almost stopped reading The Ice Twins by S.K.Tremayne three separate times. That said, when people ask me which book they should bring on their beach vacation, I consistently say The Ice Twins. I am not a fan of the supernatural or fantasy at all with the very big exception of all things Harry Potter. Therefore, when I thought The Ice Twins turned in to a ghost story, I became annoyed. And I thought it turned in to a ghost story three times including near the very end of the book. In fact, I’m still not totally sure what happened at the end, which makes The Ice Twins the very best kind of read.

Sarah and Angus are the parents of identical twin girls, Lydia and Kirstie. As the book opens, the family mourns Kirstie’s death following a fall from a balcony at her grandparent’s house. As the novel progresses, Kirstie becomes increasingly anxious and insists that she is Lydia. When the family moves to the isolated island of Torran in an attempt to make a fresh start, things get worse with each passing day. It becomes increasingly clear that each family member is harboring a terrible secret, none that I can share here without ruining the intriguing plot twists that make up this story.

I read an interview with Tremayne in which he stated that the setting of The Ice Twins was the first thing that came to him. This was not a surprise as the house on the island of Torran most certainly had a personality and played a role in this story. I found myself wondering how the tale would have played out if the Moorcrafts had stayed on the mainland. This of course will remain a mystery along with some of the big questions that remained after I closed the book for the last time.

I do hope that some of you have read The Ice Twins and that more of you will read it. Please comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas on this thought-provoking book.

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