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The Children’s Crusade by Ann Packer

The Children’s Crusade I met Ann Packer the way most of us did – through A Dive From Clausen’s Pier, which I loved so much I reread it immediately after I finished it. And then I met Ann Packer for real in a yoga class in Palo Alto. To be honest, “met,” is a generous word, because in reality, I probably accosted her. I began by gushing that I had read her book three times, and that I was also a writer and wow, wasn’t it amazing that we were in the same yoga class? What I remember now...

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Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls by Riley Sager Riley Sager’s FINAL GIRLS is a heart-thumping thriller from the first to the last page. Quincy Carpenter is a final girl, by description anyway. She doesn’t want the label, which, by definition, is the last girl alive in a horror film. And a label the media puts on women who survive these attacks in real life. Like Quincy, who was the only survivor of a brutal massacre in the woods. She and her friends were on a birthday getaway at Pine Cottage and everyone was murdered except for her. She tried to help her...

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Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah Before reading Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, I knew Trevor Noah only through some of the insightful and humorous Daily Show clips that make the rounds on social media. I also knew very little about apartheid South Africa, unfortunately, let alone what it was like to live under it as a mixed-race child, the very existence of whom was a crime. This—the not knowing—is the best reason to read a book, right? And Noah comes through. He easily, clearly, and with wit provides insight into what it was like...

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The Widow of Wall Street by Randy Susan Meyers

The Widow of Wall Street In her novel The Widow of Wall Street, Randy Susan Meyers creates the fictional version of one couple’s rise to elite society and their fall into public shame. The plot generally follows the true story of a Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scheme, including the ambition and narcissism that got him, in this case “Jake” so deep into a massive financial crime. In an article Meyers wrote for Read it Forward on the research she did in preparation to write The Widow of Wall Street, she says, “During the ten years I worked with criminals,...

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